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Watch: Punjabi-Style Omelette With A Crunchy Twist Takes Old Delhi By Storm


How do you like your omelette? With veggies or without them? With masala or bland? American style or French style? Do you realise there are so many ways you can make your omelette? And that’s why this egg dish keeps coming back to our breakfast table every other day, in the same old form or different avatars. Even though omelette can be experimented with in various ways, this new invention has completely stunned us. Desi omelette and masala omelette are a passe, here comes the all-new Punjabi tadka omelette.

A food blogger discovered a street vendor in Old Delhi selling this Punjabi-style omelette. He shared the entire making of this dish on his Instagram handle ‘chatore_broothers’. Now if you are assuming that a tadka with lots of masalas is made first to make the omelette, you are in for a surprise.

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The street food vendor begins the recipe by making a regular Indian-style omelette. He breaks eggs into a pan slathered with butter and adds onions, tomatoes, masala et al. But then he opens two packets of spicy chips called ‘Punjabi tadka’ and simply adds them to the eggs. So no special Punjabi tadka, it’s the flavours of the chips that give the omelette its name.

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But let’s give it to the vendor for adding some more onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves plus cheese and mayonnaise to enhance its taste. The crunch of the chips surely makes the omelette unique. The stall owner also serves the omelette with a side of some more chips, toasted bread and sauces. But the internet doesn’t seem to be sure of this innovation. While many people liked the video, other viewers left comments like:

“Why can’t people eat normal omelette?”
“Best way to ruin a healthy egg to a worthless shell.”
“Nothing, just a root cause for sending you to a hospital”
“Worst thing you can do to an omelette”
“The worst unhealthy food in the world.”
“Is this dish going to taste like an omelette after this?”

Do you agree with these comments or would rather try it first to judge the Punjabi tadka omelette?

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