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Veg Shawarma To Fanta Maggi: What’s The Worst Street Food In India? Twitter Opines


Indian street food plays a major role in defining the country’s food culture. It is extensive, flavourful and unique across regions. From Delhi’s chaat and Mumbai’s vada pav to jhalmuri and egg roll from Kolkata and medu vada from Southern India, India takes pride in its diversified street food options. However, there are some dishes which did not leave a great impression on our mind, especially the bizarre food combinations we saw on the internet. In fact, today you will find several such bizarre foods that not only went viral, but also got flak on social media. We recently came across one such post where desi Twitter users listed down the worst Indian street foods in their opinion. And let us tell you, it was quite an interesting one!

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It all started when a Twitter user named ‘Tini’ shared a post asking people to share their worst food experiences on streets of India. She also shared a meme of Shah Rukh Khan from the film Chennai Express. “Opinions about Indian street food that get you like this,” the caption read.

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The post in no time grabbed all the attention on the internet, garnering 252.3k views. People also commented on the post with their food opinions.

A person mocked chocolate kulfi and wrote, “Chocolate does not belong on kulfi.”

Another person reacted to the controversial Fanta Maggi and wrote, “Uncle maggi aur Fanta alag alag dena tha.” (Uncle should have given Maggi and Fanta separately).

“Vegetarian shawarma is a crime,” mentioned a person.

A person further mentioned, “Cheese and mayo (mayo sucks) …. except pizza cheese shouldn’t exist anywhere.”

“Rajma chawal is supremely overhyped,” a comment read.

A person added, “Vegetable biryani is a myth”.

Vada Paav is overhyped”, read a comment.

“Samosa’s are overrated,” a comment read.

What is the most overrated street food in India in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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