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US Restaurant Lets Customers Choose From “Zero Spice” To “Indian Very Spicy”


Indians love spicy food and the world knows that. No matter which region of India you go to, every dish is no less than a treasure of flavours. From the Rajasthani laal maas to the lip-smacking sambar of Kerala, there is one thing common in these dishes – the spice factor. For most Indians, the food doesn’t appeal to us if it doesn’t challenge our spice tolerance. Indian gravies and other dishes have earned a reputation for being extra hot and a restaurant in the US truly acknowledges this. To help customers choose their spice level, the eatery allows them to choose the spiciness on the scale of “Zero Spice” to “India Very Spicy”.

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Sharing the menu of an Indian restaurant in the US, a Twitter user wrote, “I just tried to order Indian food in Bethesda and this is hilarious”. Going by the screenshot, it seems the user was ordering some paneer butter masala. But that is not the post has gone viral for. Below the description of the dish, we see different spice levels that a customer can choose from. While usually the spiciness is indicated using numbers or words such as “Mild”, “Spicy” and “Very spicy”, here the restaurant had a different approach.

The eatery described the lowest spice level as “zero spice” followed by “American Mild”, “American Medium”, and “American Spicy”. The higher spice levels were named “Indian Mild”, “Indian Medium”, “Indian Spicy”, and “Indian Very Spicy”.

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Many users found the post amusing.

“Did the restaurant actually stick to the selected option, or is this just pre-order conditioning so people don’t come back complaining?” a person asked.

Replying to him, the person, who shared the menu, said, “The wild thing was my sambar was suppper spicy and my paneer wasn’t (I went with Indian mild). So torn about what to do next time!”

“Thai restaurants do this, with 5 being Thai spicy,” a comment read.

“I’m an American medium which I think is an Indian mild,” another person said.

So, are you the American Mild or Indian Spicy one?

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