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“Tragic Loss: Rare Cheetah Cub Succumbs to Kidney Failure in Iran”


A rare cheetah cub has died of kidney failure in Iran, according to reports.

The cub, named “Koushki”, was born in captivity at the Pardisan Park in Tehran in April. It was the first cheetah cub to be born in captivity in Iran in over a decade.

Koushki was born to a female cheetah named “Shahrzad”, who was rescued from a hunter in the western part of Iran in 2018. The cub was born healthy and was being monitored closely by the park’s staff.

Unfortunately, the cub’s health began to deteriorate in recent weeks and it was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment. Despite the best efforts of the veterinary team, the cub’s condition worsened and it died of kidney failure on June 15th.

The death of Koushki is a major blow to conservation efforts in Iran, as the country is home to the world’s last remaining Asiatic cheetahs. The species is critically endangered, with only around 50 individuals remaining in the wild.

The Asiatic cheetah is threatened by habitat loss, poaching, and other human activities. Conservationists have been working hard to protect the species, but the death of Koushki is a reminder of how fragile the species is.

The Pardisan Park has been working to protect the Asiatic cheetah for many years. The park is home to several cheetahs, including Shahrzad, and has been working to breed the species in captivity.

The park’s staff are devastated by the loss of Koushki and are now focusing on the remaining cheetahs in their care. They are also working to raise awareness of the plight of the Asiatic cheetah and to encourage people to take action to protect the species.

The death of Koushki is a tragedy, but it is also a reminder of the importance of protecting the Asiatic cheetah. Conservationists are hopeful that the species can be saved, but it will require a concerted effort from the international community.

The Asiatic cheetah is a symbol of Iran’s rich biodiversity and it is essential that we do all we can to protect it. The death of Koushki is a reminder of how fragile the species is and how much work still needs to be done to ensure its survival.

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