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Kitchen Tips: How To Remove Bad Odour From Reusable Water Bottles


Whether from the point of view of environmental sustainability or simply for a matter of convenience, reusable water bottles are quite common nowadays. It is so easy to fill up a water bottle and take it wherever you go to stay hydrated and replenished on the go. During summers, we often fill up our bottles with different kinds of drinks – maybe an iced tea or even some vitamin-infused water. Sometimes, these drinks may leave a leftover bad odour in the reusable water bottles – for no fault of your own. Here’s all you need to know about cleaning up your bottle properly and removing any foul smell from it.

Is It Safe To Drink Water From Smelly Water Bottles?

It is not recommended to consume water from a smelly water bottle. This is because the foul odour indicates the presence of harmful bacteria inside the bottle. This could be due to improper cleaning and human saliva that may cause bacteria to breed inside it. Recently, a group of researchers from a US-based company found that reusable water bottles may harbour four times more bacteria than a computer mouse and a whopping 40,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

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Water bottles can often have a foul odour that may take some time to go away. Photo: iStock

How To Clean Reusable Water Bottles Properly And Remove Bad Odour

Ideally, a reusable water bottle should be cleaned at least once every alternate day. If the bad odour comes more often, it can be removed using some simple kitchen ingredients. Luckily, there are so many foods in our humble Indian kitchen that can prove effective as cleaning agents for smelly water bottles. These ingredients can be kept handy for removing the bad odour from your water bottles.

Here’s How You Can Remove Bad Odour From Reusable Water Bottles:

1. Baking Soda

Soda bicarbonate or baking soda is one of the most effective cleaning agents in our kitchens. From tough stains to foul smells, it can smoothly eliminate all this and more. Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to your water bottle and fill it with water. Give it a good shake and let it soak overnight. Rinse properly and see the difference!

2. Vinegar

Believe it or not, the strong-smelling vinegar can be a great antidote for smells in your reusable bottle. Add it to your water bottle in a small quantity (no more than a cap full) and dilute it with some water. Let the solution rest and rinse it out. Your bottle will shine and smell as good as new.

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White vinegar can be an effective way to clean up your reusable water bottles. Photo: iStock

3. Lemon Juice

Just like vinegar, even lemon juice is an acidic solution that can prove to be an effective cleaner. This is why several detergents and cleaning solutions in the market make use of lemon as an ingredient. Simply squeeze in some lemon juice and add some water to make a natural cleaning solution to remove bad odour. Alternatively, you could also use a lemon slice or an orange peel.

4. Tea Leaves

Did you know that the humble tea leaves can be used for more than just making our favourite beverage? Use leftover tea leaves to clean up the grease and odour from your reusable water bottle. Tea leaves act as a natural astringent and cleaning agent and give great results every time. Simply add a tea bag to your water bottle and let it soak overnight. You will see that the odour disappears completely!

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tea leaves

Did you know tea leaves can be good cleansing agents too? Photo: iStock

5. Soap And Water

If nothing else works, there’s always the classic combination of soap and water. This frothy solution will remove all the excess bacteria and leave behind a clean and shiny bottle sans any foul smells.

So, keep your bottles clean and reuse them without worrying about catching infections or harming your health.

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