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Journal to the Journey of The Momma Clan


Journal to the Journey of The Momma Clan

About the Founder of The Momma Clan:

About the Founder of The Momma Clan

Harshita Udani founded The Momma Clan, the fastest emerging community for English writers, and also Treasured Tales.

She is an avid reader and aesthetic delight-founder in books and languages, learning and improving her language skills and yearns to master them. She aspires to learn new languages and travel the world to experience other ethnicities.

During lockdown, she discovered an amazing blogging community and began writing to share her endeavour. She is elated to have earned the titles of author, blogger, and content writer.

Because of discovering oneself through her writing, Harshita Udani is now the proud founder of THE MOMMA CLAN and the Treasured Tales by Harshita Udani. She has been published in several anthologies and works as a freelance writer.

Ms Udani is a jewellery designer too and the owner of Mahi Glitz, a diamond jewellery company that sells real diamond jewellery. Basically, she is a mompreneur who essentially who enjoys being active and productive.

The Journey of The Momma Clan:

The pandemic shutdown when she was writing for many different communities, as a writer. What got her attention was that there was always competition, prompts, limitations in writing, based on the topics and only the selected few were acknowledged.

With this block in mind, she was driven by a strong desire and vision to create a platform where all the wonderful bloggers, writers, and authors could scribble down beautiful, poignant, or amusing blogs, poetry, and whatever else they could think of.

To provide writers a platform to create their journals of unheard words, unexpressed thoughts, and much more she created The Momma Clan for all authors to unload their souls.

The Momma Clan continues to take feedback from fellow writers and provide prompts, challenges, and more, but the USP (unique selling proposition) is that there are no submission restrictions or topics to submit on. Writers may submit their work for publication on any topic of their choice at their preferred time.

The Momma Clan has evolved; with only a coherent concept, this dynamically growing group is now available to all English-writing enthusiasts.

The Momma Clan is now proud to announce a new vertical The Momma Clan Creative Hats where one gets to enter the challenges like singing, dancing, art, writing, and more with a minimum participation fee and cash prizes to winners. Another proud addition to the Umbrella of The Momma Clan is the launch of Literary Clan Awards for all enthusiasts and deserving nominees from the literary world. Authors, writers, poets, communities, researchers and all others can apply and get felicitated by this award

Founder’s Accolades:

She has received several certifications and honours as a writer thanks to the ongoing encouragement and support of her adoring family, like the INDIAN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2021, TOP 10 INSPIRING WOMEN ACHIEVER 2022, NATIONAL WOMEN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2022, NATIONAL WOMEN PRIDE AWARD 2022 and others. Also, she has been nominated for the Top 40 Under 40 WOMEN ACHIEVER’S 2022, to name a few.

Visit themommaclan.in to join the MSME-recognised community to get acknowledged about many more opportunities and events coming soon for the growth of each member of the clan.

You can follow her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/harshitaudani/

Instagram users can find The Momma Clan at https://www.instagram.com/themommaclan/

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