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”Job Terrorism”: Waitress Puts Her Own Blood In Cocktail At Japan Cafe, Fired


The cafe tweeted that it shut its doors for a day to replace the drinking glasses

In a bizarre incident, a waitress at a cafe in Japan was fired after it was found she had mixed her own blood into a customer’s cocktail. According to the Independent, the cafe named Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku, which loosely translates to “Problem Child Dark Café” is themed on hiring waitresses who wear dark and goth-style make-up.

In a tweet, the café in Sapporo announced the news saying that they have fired the unidentified woman who made customers drinks called orikaku– mixed with fruits, colorful syrups, and her own blood. The cafe also closed down the business for a day to replace all of the contaminated glasses.

”Such an act is no different from part-time job terrorism and is absolutely not acceptable,” the tweet read.

In another tweet, the owner apologised to customers for the incident. ​”Please let me continue the store a little longer so I can be happy alone. I’ll clean the store, change glasses, and dispose of alcohol that may have been contaminated. Once again, I am very sorry to have caused you trouble this time,” the owner tweeted.

Notably, the waitress infused her blood into the drink at the request of a customer. The cafe opened in March in the Susukino entertainment district of Sapporo City, and costs 2,500 yen (around $25) for customers to drink all they want at the cafe.

Speaking about the incident, Dr Zento Kitao told the Japanese magazine Flash, ”Drinking the blood of other people is an extremely dangerous act. Cases of people getting infected from drinking another person’s blood are rare, but major diseases can be transmitted through blood, including HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and syphilis.If there are wounds in the mouth, it is easy to be infected by blood transmissions.”

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