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Bhindi Samosa: This Bizarre Street Food In Old Delhi Takes Internet By Storm


Bhindi and samosa fall into completely different categories of food, yet both of them have mass appeal and receive equal love. While samosa is one of the most popular street foods in India, bhindi is among the top sabzis made and enjoyed in Indian households. Their commonalities end right here. But a street food vendor took the plunge of experimenting with the beloved samosa and created the bizarre combo of bhindi samosa. A food blogger found this vendor in old Delhi selling samosa stuffed with fried bhindi sabzi and shared a video on social media. It goes without saying that the video is breaking the internet now.

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Posted on the Facebook page ‘Food lover’, the video shows the samosa stall owner flaunting this unique dish. He breaks open a samosa to show the filling of bhindi inside. He claims that the bhindi is cooked in a way that there are no slimy strings left in it.  What’s even more interesting is that the bhindi samosa is turned into a wholesome chaat. It is topped with green chutney, coriander leaves, and a generous sprinkling of masalas. The chaat is also served with aloo-chole sabzi. All this at just Rs. 30. 

Along with bhindi samosa, the stall also sells matar samosa, and other dishes like kachori and veg biryani topped with chutneys, onions and green chillies and aloo chole sabzi. 

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With more than 1M views, the viral video has attracted 7.7 likes and 100 comments so far. It is surprising to find many people are liking the idea of this strange food. Some people even wanted to know the location of the samosa stall so they could try it. But many people found it odd enough to make jokes around it. Some of the funny comments suggested even more atypical filling ideas. 

“Kal ko kadi bhi daal Dena” (Next time, add kadhi also)
“Lauki ka bhi samosa banayo bhai” (Make samosa with lauki also)
“Kaddu ka Samosa bhi bahut famous hai” (Kaddu samosa is also very famous)
“Waah bhindi kyu? Lauki, turai, baigan, gobhi – sab daal do” (Wow! Bhindi, lauki, turai, baingan, gobhi – put everything)

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Are you still curious to try this bhindi samosa? You can find this stall in Bhagirath Palace market in Chandni Chowk. 

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